Prime Minister Message

On International Day of Yoga, my greetings to all Yoga enthusiasts spread across the globe.

Yoga integrates the mind, body and Intellect. Yoga today is also Integrating humanity.

In this century, we are experiencing the unifying power of Yoga. In a time when destructive forces are desperately trying to make their presence felt and divide the world, it is Yoga that is bringing world together.

Every citizen of the world aspires to lead a healthy life- a life free from tensions, diseases and sickness. Good health is not merely restricted to freedom from illness; it is as much about overall wellness.

The path towards wellness is through Yoga.

Yoga goes beyond being a set of physical exercises, Infact, physical fitness is a by - product of Yoga. Yoga teaches us how to lead a balanced life. It is the key to a balanced mind, healthy body, noble thoughts and connects us to our inner self.

In the midst of our daily routines, punishing schedules, various roles and responsibilities, the need to remain free from stress increases even further. We need positive energy that keeps tension away and gives us strength to perform our duties -and this precisely is what Yoga does.

The movement towards wellness and practicing Yoga keeps getting increased momentum. I appeal to all Yoga enthusiasts to increase the family of Yogis across the world by drawing more people towards practicing Yoga.

Let us make Yoga a mass movement and you will see what a positive difference it makes towards world peace,harmony and happiness.

I invite you all to be Yogis in this mass movement for a healthier tomorrow. Together let us bring a qualitative difference in the lives of our people and society.

Happy Yoga Practicing!

Narendra Modi.



Yoga is dexterity in action. The dexterity is bound to keep one ready for action in a relaxed attitude and efficiency is the out come of all such performed.

~Bhagavad Gita