About Us

  • ♦ Established on 23rd Nov, 2013 by like minded individuals from different professional streams like Entrepreneur and Engineers. All were focused to make a difference to the society in whatever little way they could.
  • ♦ Our motto with a social cause, we conducted our first event on December 2012 by distributing free notebooks and funded uniforms for school going kids of government school Ramanagara.
  • ♦ The smiles on the kids face motivated us to establish a full-fledged registered charitable trust, Thus was born Yellow and Red Foundations in Ramanagara.
  • ♦ Starting from 2013 to till today we have conducted a number of events under Yellow and Red Foundations.

Our Mission

India with its vast human resource has up to 90% of population residing in Rural village and Small towns, there is considerable population still lacking with basic essentials like Education and Healthcare.

Our objective through this Foundation is to primarily bring about significant changes in rural tracts of Karnataka in the field of Education, Healthcare and Sports.

  • ♦ Establish a sustainable network to provide school essentials for every underprivileged kid in Ramanagara District.
  • ♦ Expand the athletic and sports event centered on social causes and a vision to reach every district of Karnataka.
  • ♦ Establish and run a sustainable network of monetary benefits to cover poor, critically ill-patients and create awareness on avoidable diseases which are caused by illteracy,inhygenic.
  • ♦ To provide grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.

Our Vision

Education for the poor, Sports for budding athletes and Healthcare for everyone is our Vision.

Deep rooted with in the very constitution of India, Our Vision is to cover, expand and establish sustainable network to bridge the gap between every privileged and underprivileged citizen of our country.

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